Atractosteus spatula Gemfish

Seriola dumerili

This sizable fish is actually energetic as well as slim, and can easily grow to be more than 6 feet long. Its own is mainly a silvery white different colors, with a darker grey or bluish coloring coming from above. This is a well-known leisure fish however since it is in the of the apex of the sea food cycle, the bigger ones lug substantial danger of ciguatera poisoning.

Popular Names

Usual English foreign language labels of the species consist of higher amberjack, friended kingfish, amberjack, excellent amberfish, wonderful yellowtail, higher yellowtail, jenny lind, purplish amberjack, stone salmon, seafarer’s selection, and yellowish rear.

Other usual labels are actually acciola (Italian), accola (Italian), aji-aji (Malay), alice grande (Italian), alici (Italian), alicosa (Italian), amber couvailli (French), anchova (Portuguese), arabaiana (Portuguese), arabaiana pintada (Portuguese), aricciola (Italian), ztún medregal (Spanish), avci baligi (Turkish), barema (Arabic), blanquilla (Spanish), bärnstensfisk (Swedish), cá Cam (Vietnamese),

cavagnola (Italian), cervjola (Maltese), chaet-pang-o (Korean), charuteiro (Portuguese), charuteiro-catarino (Portuguese), chermin (Malay), soda amarilla (Spanish), coronado (Spanish), coronado de ley (Spanish), doronado (Spanish), enchova (Portuguese), esmoregal (Portuguese),

gao ti shi (Mandarin Chinese), gazala (Arabic), gof (Slovene), gofa (Albanian), groot geelstert (Afrikaans), halwayo (Arabic), hamam (Arabic), inch (Arabic), intias (Hebrew), isopiikkimakrilli (Finnish), jarrupe (Italian), jibb (Arabic), kabiou (Papiamento), kahala (Hawaiian), kanpachi (Japanese),

lampuga (Italian), lecc (Italian), leccia (Italian), lecciutte (Italian), licciòla (Italian), lírio (Portuguese), lissa (Italian), lissa bastarda (Italian), lupina (Italian), machiamarillo (Spanish), madregal (Spanish), madregal coronado (Spanish), magiatiko (Greek), manali (Greek), marang (Cebuano),

mayatiko (Greek), medregal (Spanish), medregal coronado (Spanish), mineri (Greek), occhio grasso (Italian), olhete (Portuguese), olho-de-bois (Portuguese), paanget (Kumak), peixe-limão (Portuguese), pez de limón (Spanish), pez limon (Spanish), pitangola (Portuguese),

poisson limon (French), ricciola (Italian), sarikiyruk baligi (Turkish), sartaleone (Italian), seriol atlanti (Hebrew), seriola (Hebrew, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish), seriola di dumeril (Italian), seriola olbrzymia (Polish), sériole couronnée (French), serjola (Maltese), serra (Maltese),

serviola (Spanish), shi (Mandarin Chinese), sholah (Arabic), sirviola (Italian), stor ravfisk (Danish), sumu (Italian), talakitok (Tagalog), tapireçá (Portuguese), teutevu niu (Gela), tonto (Tagalog), tsola (Arabic), urubaiana (Portuguese), and also xaréu coronado (Portuguese).

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Usefulness to Humans

The higher amberjack is actually looked at a popular video game fish and also a commercial caught varieties. Recorded mostly along with hydraulic reels, roads-and-reels, catches, as well as hand-lines, the physical nature is actually marketed new in Florida as well as Mexico.

The flesh could be panned fry, oven broiled, cooked, or even grilled for human consumption and is actually looked at moderately good in taste. Because of the popularity of the fish, it has lately obtained some attention in the tank farming business.

Danger to Humans

Large higher amberjacks have been actually implicated just in case of ciguatera poisoning within certain places of its own variation. Ciguatera poisoning is actually triggered by the bioaccumulation of ciguatoxins in the flesh of exotic aquatic fishes.

Ciguatoxins are produced through marine dinoflagellates that develop affixed to marine algae and also because of this might be furthermore ingested through herbivorous fishes. Huge piscivorous coral reef house fishes taking up the pinnacle of the food web become reservoirs for the best amounts of ciguatoxin through feeding on various other of the coral reef community.

Infected individuals state intestinal ailments that might last several days, a general weak point in their legs and arms, and a change in the capacity to differentiate hot versus cold. The disease is actually serious as well as symptoms might continue for full weeks.


Recreational fishers are restricted to a 1-fish bag restriction and a 28 ″ minimum size while business fishes are actually limited to a minimal size of 36 ″ in length as well as an in season closure of the fishery coming from March by means of May. At this opportunity, the World Conservation Union (IUCN) carries out certainly not look at the better amberjack to be actually at risk or endangered.


Distinguishing characteristics

The greater amberjack is slimmer, fusiform port along with a sharp and low head and pretty little eyes. The pectoral fins are actually much shorter than the head, as well as approximately equal in length to the pelvic fins. The second dorsal fin is actually considerably longer than the back peduncle and also the anal fin is deep with grooves above as well as listed below the foundation of the back fin.

Frequently confused with other species, the greater amberjack may be actually set apart due to the amount of gill rakers and the span of the anal fin. Gill rakers are finger-like expansions predicting from the frontal gill arc.

Greater amberjacks have 11-19 gill rakers and also a long rectal fin base. On the other hand, lesser amberjacks (Seriola fasciata) have 21-24 gill rakers as well as a lengthy anal fin base, almaco ports (Seriola rivoliana) have 21-26 gill rakers and a lengthy anal fin foundation, and also banded rudderfish (Seriola zonata) possess 12-16 gill rakers and also a short anal fin bottom.


The greater amberjack, largest of the ports, possesses a brown or bluish gray dorsal edge (over the side line) and a silvery white colored forward edge. The greater amberjack also has a dusky “face mask” extending coming from the upper jaw via the eye to the initial dorsal fin.

Juvenile more significant amberjacks possess 5 dark body system bands that are actually vertically irregularly crack with a 6th band at the end of the caudal peduncle. The physical body bands perform certainly not extend onto the dorsal and anal fin membrane layers; the fins are actually clear.

The 2nd dorsal fin is actually a lot longer than the caudal peduncle and the anal fin is actually deep along with gouges above and below the base of the back fin. Usually baffled with various other types, the higher amberjack may be actually identified by the amount of gill rakers and the duration of the rectal fin.

Greater amberjacks possess 11-19 gill rakers as well as a lengthy rectal fin base. In contrast, lower amberjacks (Seriola structures) possess 21-24 gill rakers and a lengthy anal fin foundation, almaco ports (Seriola rivoliana) have 21-26 gill rakers as well as a lengthy rectal fin base, and also grouped rudderfish (Seriola zonata) possess 12-16 gill rakers and also a brief rectal fin foundation.

The more significant amberjack likewise has a dusky “hide” extending coming from the top mandible through the eye to the 1st dorsal fin.